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WhatsApp Web Sender India

Use the best tool to communicate and engage with your customers. Send document, customize images, add quick chat and many more directly from your WhatsApp.Click button below to install extension.

How to use?

Check the video on the left on how to use the extension once you have downloaded it.You can download the extension using the button below.

WhatsApp Business India

Use with WhatsApp Business

If you use WhatsApp Business, you can use our extension to engage with your customers.

Personalized WA Web Messages

Personalized Messages

You can now upload a CSV and then personalize the WhatsApp messages by using the columns as variables. You can use this as a WhatsApp sender.

Attach Images and Document

Attach document in WhatsApp Web for world.

You can now attach an image or a document and send it to everyone in a list or by uploading a CSV.You can send the messages in India or anywhere.

What our customers say?

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Here are a list of features that is available in WhatsApp Web India specific extension

  • Send broadcast messages directly from WhatsApp in India.

  • Send message in bulk to your customers from a CSV file. Upload it.

  • Personalize the message directly from CSV.

  • Send attachment from a CSV or to a list.

  • Customize messages with variables uploaded from CSV file.

  • Send messages directly from phone numbers.

  • Send same message to multiple recipients.

  • Add commonly used string to WhatsApp text box.

  • Acts as your WA Web Sender.

WhatsApp Web India